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Self-Serve Vacuums Available 24/7

8am-6pm Mon-Sat

9am-6pm Sundays


Are you seeing sticky stuff on your car? Does it look like a clear liquid that's hard to wipe off? It's honeydew, or really "bug poo", and it will be harder to get rid of the longer it stays on your car. If it sits long enough, sooty mold may start growing.  For many cars, cicada season will make this more noticeable during the upcoming months.  Although the car wash equipment cleans vehicles, it is not abrasive, so human touch can gently help with removal of excess debris and messes.  Don't let honeydew, bug, tree or bird mess sit on your car or it will eventually damage your clear coat. It may be possible to remove the extra debris using our "PRE-WASH PREP" service.  Our team will use extra chemicals and manually scrub your vehicle with sponges and/or soft bristle brushes before the wash. The service starts at $5 added to a Super of Elite Wash package. Ask our cashier for details. 

Express Exterior Car Wash

Washing your car regularly will remove harmful dirt, grime, bugs, pollen and salt from your vehicle, keeping it looking its best. To uphold industry standards, your vehicle should be washed once a week, and as needed. Washing your car at WASH FAIR CAR WASH is environmently friendly compared to hand washing because it uses much less water. Bring it to WASH FAIR CAR WASH and have it washed, waxed and protected in just three minutes. We also have self-service vacuums available 24/7, along with a number of popular vending items for the do-it-yourselfer. Stop in and give us a try — we are located in Springfield, Virginia.

Here's a few FIVE-STAR testimonials:

"Super quick turn around car wash with LOTS of car vacs for self cleaning.  Staff is super kind and offer a cleaning rag to wash interior.  Well priced options." -Juan R. - Google Review 

"Great price. Awesome service. Super fast. Overall extremely well done wash in a timely manner." -Jesse R. - Google Review 

"If you're looking for a weekly/regular car wash with a small business that promotes customer service and intergity, please consider Wash Fair!" - Rudy P. - Google Review

"Love this car wash...Been going for years!  Stay in your car & drive through....kids love it too!  Good prices." - Marilyn B. - Google Review

"Hand down BEST car wash in Northern Virginia.  It's conveniently located right off the highway and is reasonably priced for the area.  Not only do they pay extra special attention to the details, but they give you a complimentary wet cloth to wipe down your console as you are going through the wash!  The staff is always pleasant! - Rachel M. - Yelp Review

Washing Tires


Elite Wash PLUS  Carnauba Wax w/ UV Protection- (Best Value & Best Wash) ($24)

Elite Wash ($19) — All Super Wash Features, Plus:

Rim Cleaner
Rain Repellent - Complete Surface Protectant

Super Wash ($13)All Basic Wash Features, Plus:

Tri-Foam Conditioner
Clear Coat Protectant
Undercarriage and Rust Inhibitor

Basic Wash ($9)

Soap and Water All-Cloth Wash & dryers

Additional Services

  • NEW - CARNAUBA WAX w/ UV PROTECTION - $5 (can be added to ANY wash)

  • Rim Cleaner - $3

  • Tire Shine (applied in tunnel w/ new equipment) - $3       

  • Tire Shine Hand applied - $5

  • Rain Repellent - Complete Surface Protectant - $5

  • Self-Serve Vacuums - $1

  • Extra Prep (recommended for excess mud, dirt, bugs) - starts at $5

INTERIOR EXPRESS: Starts at $50 (NOW includes COVID-19 disinfecting process)

We are opening Interior Express and Detailing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at this time.  Please call 703-451-4200 to listen to the recorded message (updated daily) to know if it is being offered before you arrive.  We often book up for the rest of the day by mid afternoon so arriving early is recommended. ALL EXTERIOR WASH SERVICES (ride-thru) WILL REMAIN OPEN 8am-7pm Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm Sundays.


  • -   Super Exterior Wash Package 
  • -   Hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectant of interior to kill COVID-19, influenza, and more more viruses and germs
  • -   Air blow out of vents and interior
  • -   Interior windows, doors, door jambs, dashboard, center console and cupholders sprayed and wiped
  • -   Vacuum carpets, floor mats and seats
  • -   Hard mats pressure washed and dried
  • -   Optional Tire Shine or Odor Eliminator spray
  • Cleaning process takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • No need to make an appointment.  First come, first serve.
  • -   Additional detail services available such as carpet and mat cleaning, stain removal, hand wax, etc.
  •     (in person quote may be required for additional detail services)
  • Express Detail Service operating hours dependent on weather (extreme cold, heat, rain).